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Plotting TTN gateways on a map

Introduction While using the TTN tracker application for some time now on my home-made LoPy tracker it shows that signals were recorded by at least 246 different gateways in the Dutch area. This raised a question: How many more did … Continue reading

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LoRa 868 MHz collinear results

The antenna described in the previous post and the preliminary results encouraged me to get the thing on the roof. April 1st (no joke!) seemed the right time. Hardly any rain according to the radar. So i filled the bag … Continue reading

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Mapping The Things Network with a LoPy (1) Introduction

Welcome to my pages. If you landed here there must be at least some interest in either The Things Network, mapping its coverage or the LoPy, Pycom’s LoRa enabled controller. If neither is the case you’re still invited to read … Continue reading

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