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LoRa 868 MHz collinear results

The antenna described in the previous post and the preliminary results encouraged me to get the thing on the roof. April 1st (no joke!) seemed the right time. Hardly any rain according to the radar. So i filled the bag … Continue reading

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A LoRa 868MHz Collinear antenna

A warning ahead: the following is a YMMV project. Coax collinears have come in very different flavours and it is very hard to find at least two sources which agree on a reproducible design. Ok, they all consist of a … Continue reading

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ADS-B Collinear antenna

I hate the people at FlightAware :-). First they made it real easy to enter the world of ADS-B flight tracking. Then they created the possibility to upload your received data to their servers. So far so good. But then … Continue reading

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