These pages are a collection of the experiments I do using a Raspberry Pi for Home Automation and Ham Radio projects. Currently my focus is on getting cheap Chinese made (Arduino) modules to work with my Raspberry Pi without the need for the Pi’s GPIO ports.  These pages are primairily written as a personal logbook, others might benefit from it as well. In that case: Enjoy!

I am an Electronics Engineer by profession currently employed in the HealthCare business.

Code descibed on these pages may be downloaded and commented at my pages at Github .

1 Response to About

  1. Mike (mike2nl) says:

    Hi Keptenkirk,
    so far as i can see your are from the Netherlands and your home city is near my one when i take a look on that gif for the receiver ;-). It would be very interesting to have some talk about the Medisana Weegschaal. I am a PLC Eng. for B&R Systems and i control my home via that way. Wireless, CAN, PowerLink and the I/O’s (digital and analog). I looks like a very interesting project to add all that for my system.

    Hope we can get in contact, Mike


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