Mapping The Things Network with a LoPy (3). Wiring diagram

This part of the project will show the wiring diagram for the LoPy tracker.


The tracker is built around the LoPy of PyCom. It’s a MicroPython programmable ESP32 with LoRa transceiver on board. Although one can connect to it using the device’s AP mode a serial to USB FT232R interface was used. This also powers the unit through the USB 5V. The LoPy has a 3.3V regulator on board capable of delivering 1.2A, well enough for the peripherals we will be adding.

Communication to the display uses I2C and the GPS module uses a UART port. During installation the FT232R was also used to connect and configure the GPS.

Most components were obtained through Banggood:

Some pictures for further inspiration




In full operation


Results as shown on TTN Mapper

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